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Shower Bar


  • Made from natural & organic ingredients
  • Enhanced with ginseng & avena sativa
  • Heals minor cuts and skin irritations
  • Fights fatigue & reduces puffiness
  • Improves recovery & performance fast
  • Removes salt and grime from sweat
SKU: SJ600-8

Shower Bar Description
Your skates didn’t come from Walmart and neither should your soap! This shower bar is a cutting-edge cleanser designed for athletes who may be showering several times a day and want their skin to be perfect. Our premium soap is designed to energize, hydrate and exfoliate the skin after intense workout sessions. This soap will fix any irritated areas, leave your skin soft, healthy and smelling good. It’s classy, sophisticated, and engineered like a high performance sports car and made for discerning athletes.

Unique Properties
Formulated with GinsengAvena Sativa, Wheat Bran and Coconut Oil for maximum cleansing, recovery of minor skin irritations, to fight fatigue and improve your complexion. Ginseng combined with Coconut Oil gets quickly absorbed through the skin and greatly improves subcutaneous circulation and reduces puffiness. Wheat Bran and Avena Sativa aid in the exfoliation of damaged skin and speeds the healing of minor skin irritations that can come from contact sports. Our shower bar is free of all things bad for you and our environment including parabens, sulphates, aluminium, triclosan or alcohol.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This shower bar is amazing! I love it!

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