• Made from natural & organic ingredients
  • Enhanced with licorice, ginger & caffeine
  • Cleans and hydrates scalp
  • Stimulates follicle blood flow
  • Excellent for multiple daily showers
  • Removes salt and grime from sweet
SKU: SJ601-5

Shampoo Description
You sweat-don’t be salty. Frequent and intense workouts especially while wearing a helmet or head-gear can wreak havoc on your scalp and hair. Excess sweating can lead to increased levels of salt and lactic acid which can lead to follicular damage and premature hair loss. Additionally, repeated washing of your hair after two a day workouts can lead to dry, damage hair and scalp. Our shampoo is designed to prevent all of these issues.

Unique Properites
Sharp Jock Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals that strip your hair of it’s natural oils leading to dandruff and dry hair. Natural licorice root opens the pores of your scalp removing sweat, salt and grime while soothing and hydrating. Caffeine penetrates the hair follicle and stimulates the hair root for stronger, healthier hair. Organic ginger root acts as a circulatory agent to improve blood-flow to the scalp and nourish hair follicles, keeping your hair and scalp in optimal balance regardless of many showers you have each day. Our shampoo is free of all things bad for you and our environment including parabens, sulphates, aluminium, triclosan or alcohol.


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