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Shaving Soap


  • Made from natural & organic ingredients
  • Enhanced with Boswellia and White Clay
  • Antiseptic properties to fight bacteria
  • Cooling sensation to fight razor-burn
  • Frankincense for smooth and fresh skin
  • Skin so smooth, babies asses will be jealous
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Shaving Soap
Keeping your face under control takes a lot of work, especially when you sweat a lot, have lots of hormones pumping through your body and shave regularly. Our shaving soap is designed to give you an incredibly close and smooth shave, but soothe any irritated areas and prevent pimples. It cleanses and prepares your skin for a close shave then treats all surfaces with a natural antiseptic to prevent clogged pores. It exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizes your skin and can be used anywhere on your body.

Unique Properties
Formulated with Caffeine, Boswellia, White Clay, and with the essence of Frankincense for smooth, healthy skin. White Clay and Castor Oil help relieve minor skin irritations, cuts and bruises from being physically active in sport. Our Shaving Soap will not cause redness, clog pores or block your drain like those bad foams or gels. It is free of all things bad for you and our environment such as parabens, sulphates, aluminum, triclosan, or alcohol.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This worked so well and helped soothe my typically razor burn’t face. The white clay works amazing to prevent pimples from a close shave. I highly recommend this.

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